Architektur + Interieur

Sikkens 5051 Color Concept


Convincing variety of shades

You will meet every requirement with the new 5051 Color Concept from
Sikkens, because the new colour palate includes 2,079 shades - the most
popular shades and the latest fashion colours. Furthermore the colour
palette not only offers a greater choice than before of the strong and dark
shades which are in demand in the paint sector, but also the slightly tinted
off-whites and neutrals, or less rich shades.

Digital color card for MAC & PC (Download)

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Architecture + Interior


The worldwide leader for colour standards for both industry and trade.

The colour collection with 213 shades includes safety and signal colours.

Digital colour card ready for download for Mac or PC

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Architecture + Interior 


With 1625 RAL colours the RAL DESIGN System is the perfect basis for professional colour design. The colours are arranged according the hue, brightness and colourfulness and thus, are ideal for designers and architects.

Digital colour card ready for download for Mac or PC

Price: 39,00 € incl. VAT.


Architecture + Interior

NCS 1950 Original

This colour card offers a compact overview of all 1950 NCS original colours.

NCS - Natural Colour System®© NCS Colour AB, Stockholm 2012

Digital colour chart ready for download for Mac or PC

Price: 59,00 € incl. VAT.


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