DMIx is the standard for digital, multi-spectral based colour and surface communication.

Colour is deemed to be the supporting pillar of the creativity and lifestyle sectors. It is crucially involved in all design processes and is deemed as an essential visual means of expression. In all areas in which colours are used as an effective means of representation, even the demand of their uniqueness, distinctiveness and quality increases.

The fast, global market environment, in particular, places more and more importance on colours and surfaces. The subjective human perception of colour and the production technology used must therefore be in harmony - but this is complicated.

Colour is crucial.

Contact-free, multi-spectral recordings of surfaces.

In the practical implementation, the processes and the communication up to reaching a desired colour result frequently less standardised, are complex when it comes to implementation and tedious. Existing colour chart systems and devices to measure colour often only take one part of the respective process chain into consideration. Or they are technically not competent in making the measurement results visible which can be decided on due to the optical impression.

Complex or multi-dimensional surfaces must be exclusively illustrated with multi-spectral measurement technology.

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Application example: DMIx in the textiles industry