ColorDigital® is a software for the professional colour design of architecture, fashion and design. The most important features are:

Via Drag & Drop in the Adobe Creative Suite

Simply drag the colours with the mouse to the respective programme symbol of the CreativeSuite and they will be available to you in the tool bar - obviously with a perfect colour match!

Via clipboards in each programme

Right click a colour field with the mouse and you can export this via clipboards into any desired Mac application.

File export

All colour cards in ColorDigital® can be exported in formats for Adobe Photoshop (aco), Adobe Swatch Exchange (ase), AutoCAD (acb), Nemetschek Allplan (pal), Vektorworks (txt) or 3D-Software (bmp/jpg).

Inclusive of a colour management

ColorDigital® calculates each colour from spectral data which is perfectly matched to your personal computer system. For you, this means security in production, printing, proof and also on the screen.


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